This page is dedicated to keeping us informed about things that matter in our world. (Korea social issues)
Lauren- (fearing unemployment as well) or towards the "whites")
Kathy- (Migrant workers)
Sarah J- and (Back to back Columns at National Times on the issue of Australians being xenophobic)
Sally B. - (how Americans should continue welcome immigrants just like "The New Colossus" says)
Kevin G Lee-
Hanna Kim: (xenophobia from South Africa)
Emily K: (discrimination and fear towards Somali people in the U.S.)
Alex S.: (Spy drama shooting-the relationship between selling drama abroad and economy) (Fashion and Business in Korea)
Sally B. - (what contributed to S. Korean's economic growth)
Alex S. - (bank with exit strategy) (pollution in the Pacific)
Sarah J- (World Leaders May be One Step Closer to Solving Global Warming)
Sally B. - ("No Regrets" policies toward Global Warming)
Kevin G Lee-
Hanna K:,0,2255836.story (odd measures for global warming! :)
Emily K: (a new approach on raising awareness about garbage in the ocean - a man sails in a boat made of plastic bottles!)
Alex S.: (LG for cutting down emission)
Mady F. (Interview with Mark Lynas about the outcome of the Copenhagen Climate
Conference and what may happen to the future.)
Mr. Ski (food for thought)
Mr. Ski (stocks: what are they worth and why)
Mr. Ski (The Fed)